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Welcome to the FamilyBusinessApp, the EdTech platform for the Family Business Academy, FBA Club and Fobillion Board Members. The "One Platform" with "Many Legacies" being supported and built.

Are you looking to build a family legacy? Do you own or operate a family business or family office? Are you a first-gen entrepreneur who wants to develop your children? Do you want to be part of community where new business relationships can be developed? Are you simply looking for great content and want to learn?

If you answered YES to any of the above, you have come to the right platform.

We launched with our Beta 1.0 test version on 1st April 2022, followed by Beta 1.1 on 15th May 2022 with our new Content Menu feature. This is only the start with many new features and services coming out in future versions. 

The FamilyBusinessApp platform will eventually have different levels of membership to unlock thousands of hours of content and provide private access to new educational programs and a global community of advisors, entrepreneurs and family business owners.

Membership Levels:

  • BRONZE Level (investment of only US $30.00 per month) with 90 Day FREE Access
  • SILVER Level (investment of US $60.00 per month)
  • GOLD Level (investment of US $120.00 per month)
  • PLATINUM Level (investment US $240.00 per month and by Invitation-Only to be a listed Trusted Partner. For Advisors, Experts, Content Creators, Professors and Service Providers supporting the Family Business Industry)
  • DIAMOND Level ($30,000 per annum and by Invitation Only. For UHNW Founders & Owners of Family Businesses and Family Offices who become part of our Fobillion Board & Club)

PLEASE NOTE: 33.33% of your monthly or annual membership subscription will immediately be donated to the Fobillion Foundation, a UK registered charitable foundation supporting underprivileged abandoned, abused and orphaned children who have no access to new world education across the world. Your contrubution will help build educational facilties in underdevleoped villages, supporting 12-21 year olds to become enterprising adults. We have a global mission to impact 1 million children.

You can start today with a 30-Day FREE Trial at the BRONZE Membership Level to get access to a selection of articles and videos, plus new content uploaded every week. We also value your feedback, as we continue to make ongoing improvements to our Beta version.

Membership Levels will unlock the following platform services:

  • Family Business Academy (FBA) Club Content Access with Articles & Live Session Recordings
  • Family Business Academy (FBA) Client & Chapter (Regional Network) Private Community Access
  • FBA Trusted Advisors - Global Faculty, Content, Advice, Expertise & Supplier Access
  • FBA Online Programs - Live & Recorded Training Modules, Library, Videos & Masterclass Series Access
  • FBA Fobillion Boards - UHNW Advisory Boards (Invite-Only & Private Access for Live Chat, Live Audio & Live Video Board Meetings, plus Global Deal-Flow Investment Opportunties)

The FamilyBusinessApp is powered by the Family Business Academy (FBA), which to date has educated over 30,000 families in business, family enterprises, family firms, family offices and entrepreneurs in 65 countries.

The FBA also started the FBA Club on the Clubhouse App, with 8,500+ Members and we've delivered 350+ Live Learning Room Sessions over 14 months. In future all FBA Club live rooms, linked articles and group chat will be available here in the FamilyBusinessApp, allowing our members to have a private place to learn, connect, share profiles and chat with each other.

Our mission is to build the World's Largest Family Business EdTech Platform & EcoSystem Community of Owners, Advisors and Experts, that together are creating, supporting and building many family business legacies.

Become a FBA Member and Join Us!

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